The top reasons most people stop going to the gym

#1. Not enough time
We ensure you schedule time, each training session is scheduled in 90 minute time blocks. If you have an appointment, you will be much more likely to show up and put in the work! There is always going to be something that could get in the way of the gym; decrease the likelihood by prioritizing your goals and health with appointments. Conveniently schedule your sessions online. Training hours will be from 5am to 8pm, Monday through Friday and 8am to 1 pm Saturday & Sunday.

#2 Not fun/ Too complicated

You will use our training app to complete each individualized scheduled training session. Each session is tailored to you, your goals, your joints, and your history! The programs are constantly updated as needed to ensure you never get bored. We also keep everything as simple as possible; we take all the guesswork out of the equation!
#3 Injury
Rest assured you are in the best hands here to improve not only your fitness but your orthopedic health as well, all at the same time. We are a team of fitness and rehab professionals, who live and breathe fitness and rehab every day. All our professional staff are highly educated and trained with the most current and up to date literature and training protocols. We have a staff full of highly sought after therapists movement/fitness practitioners with years of experience with extraordinary results. We also have hundreds of amazing reviews/testimonials to support our statement. We love our people, and it shows with all the amazing support we receive!

#4 Lack of accountability/burnout

No room for burnout here! There is going to be more accountability than you could ever ask for! You will not succumb to the “burnout” if you are seeing results and feeling better and moving better than ever before. With weekly/monthly check-ins you will never feel like you are alone in your journey. 24/7 access to our trainers via our training app. Request a meeting with a trainer to discuss your program at any time. Our trainers will be working with clients all day long in private and semi-private sessions. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you with any questions during your scheduled training time
Lee Physical Therapy & Wellnesss

Here is what you will have access to

3,000sf(conditioning, stretching, lower-body machines, strength training)

1,000 sf- Upper body training

625sf- studio space

Lee Physical Therapy & Wellnesss

How the process works

Sign up below or call the front desk (518-622-9200)

  • We discuss YOUR health/training history, goals, nutrition, lifestyle habits and your expectations 
  • We set Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-specific (SMART) goals  
  • Your joints and movement patterns are assessed by one of our qualified professionals 
  • We discuss how to use our training apps to schedule your training sessions and see your workouts
  • Your individualized program is uploaded based on your current goals, history, and any significant findings we feel that should be addressed during your workouts to help you attain your specific goals. 
  • You also will receive (1) private training session to go through your specific program upon initial enrollment.
Simple, effective, sustainable.

Invest into your health today and get so much more out of your membership with our team!

Monthly membership- $100

Lee Physical Therapy & Wellness

3,000sf (conditioning, stretching, lower-body machines, strength training)

GYM - Lee Physical Therapy & Wellnesss

Conditioning area
4 air bikes, 2 cycle bikes, 2 ski ergs, 4 rowers, 2 vera climbers, 2 treadmills (one self-propelled curved), 1- Jacobs ladder, 4 sleds, medicine balls, plyometric boxes
Battle ropes, inertia wave
Artificial turf 90ft x 10ft
medicine ball wall (30ft x 17ft)
Stretching area
Foam rollers, mats, massage guns, massage balls

Lower body machines
Sorinex reverse hyper, glute/ham developer(great for lower back!), horizontal leg press, Leg ext, leg curl, rouge belt squat, booty-builder, 45degree back ext, prime fitness multi-hip

Strength training area
Sorinex rig (4 person power rack)
4 landmine stations
4 rear foot elevated (single leg training) stations
1 set of jammer arms
BARS- Olympic straight bars, trap bars, safety squat bars, fat grip bars, farmer carry bars, Cadillac bench bar(kabuki), Prime fitness (open ended) trap bar, Prime fitness super squat bar
Accommodating resistance- 5/8in chains, tons of bands
4 Anchor cable attachments
4 TRX suspension trainers
4 Ring suspension trainers
4 pullup bars
Triphasic bars (used for overspeed plyometrics)

Lee Physical Therapy & Wellness

1,000 sf- Upper body training

1,000 sf- Upper body training

Prime fitness upper body machines are the most advanced, versatile and effective machines in the world. We had all of our new machines customed ordered. These machines are like no other you have used in standard gyms. These allow for a wide variety of set ups and accommodating to many different body types. These are equipped with Smart Strength Technology, giving the user the ability to manipulate the resistance profile to overload different areas within the exercise movement.

– Incline press
– Prime fitness lat pulldown
– flat press,     
– Prime fitness extreme row, double sided preacher
– Free motion cable machine
– DB rack 5-110’s
– Double sided preacher curl machine
– Lounge are for after your hard work!
We also have every prime fitness cable attachment available. The attachments have changed the game in the industry. The unique swivel design of the attachments will drastically increase muscular output and lead to better outcomes compared to outdated and ineffective attachments. The ergonomically enhanced grip of the attachments reduces grip fatigue, allowing for optimal exercise efficiency.
GYM - Lee Physical Therapy & Wellnesss

Lee Physical Therapy & Wellness

625sf- studio space

When these are not in use- everyone is welcome to use the space as their own!


“First day of evaluation by Dr. Lee was quite thorough..very thorough!! A personal recovery routine was explained in detail, along with a clear homework schedule…with diagrams. My rotator cuf and separated bicep tendon was relived…and I avoided surgery.Her in house team was knowledgeable, patient and pleasant. I highly recommend this facility.

– Denise C.

“Lee Physical Therapy helped me with the pain in my back. The exercises were tailored to my specific needs, and I no longer have the pain. They also showed me exercises to continue with so that I can continue to live pain-free. And all of the staff members that worked with me were wonderful.

– Gail L.

“Knowledgeable, courteous and friendly staff is there to get you back on your feet. They do a great job making you feel comfortable while they whip you back into shape.”


“Great group of therapists. Don’t expect an easy session: they have every minute of each hour worked out and I always leave fatigued and a little sore (good workout sore). My range of motion has improved dramatically in just a few visits”

– kevin H.

“Very knowledgeable, great staff that care to help you get better. Not a better physical therapy office around. “
“They are just such great people, passionate and truly gifted in what they do. If it wasn’t for that office (both ‘sides’) I honestly wouldn’t be walking today. After I ‘graduated’ from PT (Katrina and her INCREDIBLE staff got me ‘moving’)… on that ‘final graduation’ day, I went up to Shane, my PT guy who specializes in back issues, and said: “Shane, I’d like to continue therapy because I still have a ways to go. I don’t want to lose everything I’ve gained here. . Shane said, “Larry is “The Guy” for that. He can help you strengthen your body.”
“I had a meeting with Larry, and started working with him 3xweek. He has helped me and taught me how to rebuild myself from the inside out. I have regained at least 15years of my life back – not joking!”

“So in light of that, as a former patient of Katrina, and current client of Larry, I think it is important for the customer to know the 1-2-Step of what Lee Wellness offers. They are not just a PT office (and not just any PT office, mind you) nor is Larry just a personal trainer, which has so many negative (and sometimes rightfully so) connotations; he truly is a Strength Therapist and Strength Trainer ((not that people know those terms)). He offers ‘life after PT… or movement after PT’… I’ve joked that it’s the PT 2.0 version… and I give it my all while I’m there, and I never want to go back to the other side of the wall.”

– Marianna Lehman

Lee Physical Therapy & Wellnesss

This membership is just one service! Our primary service is Physical Therapy and Private/Semi-private training sessions. We will also be offering the following classes: Yoga, mat Pilates, and Kinestretch (mobility training).
Our membership includes the added benefit of discounted rates for any classes you may want to take during your membership (group training, yoga, kinestretch)! Also, get 15% percent off our laser treatments (insert link to laser page).

What are you waiting for!

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