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Larry and the team at Lee Physical Therapy and Wellness are incredible. I had a severe lower back disc herniation that had me crippled for months. After working with their physical therapy team I started to work with Larry to get back to my active lifestyle. I was told I needed surgery but with Larry and the team’s help I’m not back to playing sports, running, and weightlifting like I was before my injury! They are highly professional and just get results, plain and simple. If you’re debating working with Larry, don’t waste another minute thinking about it, do yourself a favor and do it!

– Mike G.

This is a place that makes you look forward to physical therapy! Very caring, able, professional staff. Everything is super clean and appointments on time. I highly recommend this business.

– Rhonda J

The staff was very professional. The therapists were very patient when showing me how to do the exercises I needed to do. I would highly recommend Lee Therapy.

– Charles T.

The staff of Lee Physical Therapy & Wellness were very professional and well versed in different techniques and approaches to help in my recovery process. They make the atmosphere at the facility enjoyable, comfortable and fun, though with an emphasis on professionalism and concern to help in the best ways possible with the healing and recovery process. When I couldn’t physically be at the clinic, Trisha, one of the certified Physical Therapists would work with me virtually through a **** session on my computer. I was also given printed take-home exercises, a rubber exercise band, as well as a website link for further help in rehabilitation exercises. I would most confidently recommend Lee Physical Therapy & Wellness for anyone looking for help in the recovery process from a bodily injury.

– David Fried

I had a very positive experience. Cant recommend enough, was a major factor in my recovery after a knee operation. All the staff are great, but a special shout out for Trisha L********, who is a superstar!

– Christopher H.

Best Physical Therapy Clinic anywhere.Clinic is clean Therapists, PTAs, Aids, and front desk staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Repaired me and checked on me even after I was better!Will be back if needed and have recommended them to everyone in need.??????

– Julie F.

Great bedside manners. Friendly environment. All the therapists work together to have a common goal for the patients to regain the level of functions or more. I hold their knowledge and skills trusting that they truly look out for their patients. It was great that I was able to see multiple therapist that are very talented. It was beneficial to have all the therapist putting their thoughts together so I could achieve a great session of therapy.

– Angeline

Could not have picked a better place to do my physical therapy after rotater cuff surgery! Staff is very informative and knew just when to push me and when to back off. Way ahead of schedule and I owe it all to them!

– Michael D.

An all around Positive experience, the staff was professional and caring. I would recommend them to a friend or coworker.

– Michael O.

Great place to go for both physical therapy and personal training. Katrina, Shane, and the team are very caring and attentive physical therapists. They are very motivational and invested in your success. I would recommend you go here over any other place to assist in your recovery as they are able to think about the best ways you can utilize materials at home as well as in the office to aid in your healing. I recently graduated from physical therapy to their personal training side, run by Katrina’s husband, Larry, with assistance from another trainer, Tim. I am very much enjoying the same attention and care I received previously and am excited to continue. I definitely recommend them for personal training as well. All in all, Lee Physical Therapy & Wellness is a place I highly recommend. Do yourself a favor and call Brandi today and sign up for a training session or seek your physical therapy here.

– Jennifer W.

These guys are great! Very knowledgeable and fun to be with

– James T

Strength Training, Nutrition & Overall Wellness System


I started my sessions at Lee PT & Fitness a few months after my 70th birthday. At that point I had put up with the pain and weakness in my left hip, knee pain and almost constant foot pain. My balance was starting to go, too. I chalked it up to “getting old”.

I’ve been with you now since Jan. 31, 2019 and this is what has transpired: The individualized exercise plan for me targeted?? the knee and hip weakness and pain, which is completely gone. I am able to walk 2 1/2 miles with increased stamina, no limping or painful consequences like before.

My strength and stamina have increased substantially, and Katrina fit me for orthotics that have virtually removed my foot pain. I can do my gardening with no back pain now and less tiredness because of the core strengthening we have worked on since day one. My balance has improved so much. I would say that no one has to “put up” with these limitations but it is quite possible to turn them around with the proper training and perseverance.

Truly, I am thrilled with the success of these individualized sessions! I always look forward to the challenge of our next session and the and progress we are making.

Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge and expertise with me. God Bless you.”

– Denise

After injuring my back from shoveling snow and waiting too long to get help, I ended up in bad shape with serious limitations on daily activity. I was in a chronic pain loop getting weaker and more discouraged. I went to Lee Physical Therapy for four months and upon graduating I started personal training with Larry. After four months of careful, customized, ever-evolving routines created by Larry, my quality of life has improved beyond what I thought possible. I can now lift laundry baskets, clean my house, sleep, brush my dog, stand without pain, and I look forward to gardening when the spring finally arrives! larry and the entire physical therapy staff

– The Lord Sustainsme

I am someone who gets really into working out for a week or two, pats myself on the back for a job well done, and moves on with my busy life. I started seeing Larry about a month ago and he has made it so easy to keep up with exercise and healthier eating habits. He focuses on form and efficiency, giving you a killer workout without spending hours at the gym (it’s also a judgement free zone and I never feel self conscious). It’s perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. Also, his phone app is so easy to use, with access to exercise plans, food and results tracking, and messaging that connects you right to him with any questions/support you need! I messaged him about a minor injury and he was quick to respond with advice. The best part is that I already feel stronger!

– Michele Mcdonough

I’ve been strength training with Larry for 6 months now and I’m becoming a stronger, healthier me. Everyone of us could benefit from the knowledge and support they offer. Thanks to you all. God bless

– Peggy Byrne

After five years of inactivity and weight gain, I started seeing Larry in January. What a difference three months has made! I am feeling better than I have in years and optimistic about the improvements in my health as I continue my sessions. He manages to keep sessions interesting, changing it up every week and incorporating new and challenging exercises as my strength improves. My favorite thing is that with Larry’s program, health, strength, and wellness are the goals, not weight loss. But weight loss follows all the others anyway! Most importantly, I feel better — I sleep better, I’m stronger, and my energy level is up. Do it, you will be happy you did!

– Stephanie Melick

I’ve been on crazy diets and not very effective workout programs for the past couple of years. Nothing really ever worked for me and my weight has fluctuated a lot. I was always starving myself while trying to burn almost all the calories that I would consume in a day. I didn’t know that I was destroying my metabolism and doing the exact opposite of what I was trying to do. When I came to Larry he had to convince me that if I ate a normal amount of food I wouldn’t gain weight I would maintain or actually lose weight. Once I got into doing workouts with him and eating the right foods and more of it I actually LOST 2 inches on my waist and 2% of my body fat in just a little under two months!! He’s taught me so much about being healthy and treating my body right. I highly recommend him to anyone no matter what goal you’re working towards!

– Maria Cullington

Top notch training and nutrition solution! Larry works with you directly to determine your capabilities and builds a program best suited to you. It’s simple, and super effective. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to better their nutrition and feel healthier, wanting help with functional mobility, fitness and more!

– Justin Vickers

Lee Physical Therapy & Wellness


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